About Us

Kiwis helping kiwis with websites and email since 2008
Proudly based in Taranaki New Zealand

BoltHost is a shared web hosting platform by ChristopherBolt.Com Limited.

We are a small New Zealand based internet technology company founded by Chris Bolt in 2008. We specialise in web hosting, email marketing and custom web development services. Director Chris Bolt has been developing professional websites since 2002 and web hosting since 2006. Clients include everything from local community groups to house hold names such as Paper Plus Group, Star Insurance Specialists, New Zealand Rugby Union, Open Country Dairy and Hiway Group. BoltHost began life in 2008 when we decided we could provide faster and more reliable hosting for our clients, read our story below...

Our History

BoltHost began life as a solution to provide hosting for websites that we were building for our clients. We had become increasingly frustrated by performance, reliability and support issues with overseas web hosts and caught out by New Zealand hosts being snapped up by international companies. Most big companies host thousands of websites on each of their servers, while this allows them to offer incredibly cheap hosting, it results in poor performance and reliability. With no more than a few hundred sites on each of our servers we can maintain higher speeds and reliability.

In 2009 we decided that our hosting service was so good that we would open it up to all New Zealand businesses, not just for the sites that we build. That's when BoltHost was born. We've kept the same philosophy of less websites per server to maintain performance.

Over the years BoltHost has assisted hundreds of New Zealand businesses, sports clubs, community groups and other organisations with their website and email needs.

BoltHost is developed, maintained and supported by web developers. We know what technology and features developers need to deliver great websites, if your a designer or developer looking for somewhere to host your client's sites or your own, consider BoltHost it won't let you down.

Our Mission

ChristopherBolt.Com is on a mission to provide home grown New Zealand based internet technology solutions to New Zealand customers that match or exceed the products offered by the big international players.

Check out our Email Marketing solution BoltMail

All of our servers are located in New Zealand and we are proudly based in Taranaki New Zealand. Our data centre is managed by Voyager Internet (another 100% Kiwi Business)

Our Technology

We might be small but our technology is big: 

  • Secure New Zealand data centre managed by Voyager Internet, a large New Zealand telecommunications company with decades of experience
  • Solid security practices including multi factor authentication, encryption at rest, DDOS prevention, web application firewall and real-time malware detection.
  • Advanced Direct Admin control panel
  • One click web application installer
  • Rock solid Cloud Linux OS designed specifically for shared web hosting with Cage FS to prevent accounts from seeing each other and LVM to manage available resources for each account
  • High performance servers with huge processing power
  • Ultra fast SSD drives with load balancing and mirrored RAID to provide protection against data loss
  • Daily backups (7 day cycle)

You are in safe hands with BoltHost, we'd love to help you out, you can join our family here or make contact with us here