Reseller Hosting

Web hosting for developers who want to host websites for their clients

Designed for web designers and developers who want to offer their clients web hosting. Our reseller plans give you access to our reseller control panel where you can create your own web hosting plans and then create accounts for your clients. Your clients each get their own control panel to manage their website. You are responsible for billing and supporting your clients and are free to charge them any amount you deem appropriate.

Starter Standard Advanced Ultimate
Price $48 per month $62 per month $76 per month $98 per month
Sub accounts Up to 10 Up to 25 Up to 40 Unlimited
Included storage * 10 GB 15 GB 20 GB 20 GB
Included traffic * 80 GB 120 GB 160 GB 200 GB
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All plans include:

  • DirectAdmin Reseller Control Panel

    Our advanced control panel allows you to manage all aspects of your web hosting and client sub accounts. Learn more ›

  • One click web application installer

    Quickly install and manage over 100 web applications including popular content management systems, online stores, forums, calenders, surveys and more. Learn more ›

  • Free SSL certificates

    Free automatic SSL certificates from Let's Encrypt and Zero SSL

  • PHP selector

    Choose any version of PHP, enable/disable extensions and change PHP settings

  • Unlimited databases

    Create unlimited MariaDB databases (MySQL compatible)

  • Unlimited sub-domains etc

    Create unlimited sub-domains, domain pointers, aliases and redirects

  • Modern developer tools

    All the tools a modern web developer needs including SSH, FTP, git, composer, node/npm, rsync, cronjobs, raw log file access etc

  • Modern email

    Secure IMAP email accounts with spam filtering, anti-virus protection and online webmail access plus vacation messages, autoresponders and email forwarders

  • Realtime malware scanning

    Your website is scanned for suspicious files in relatime so that hackers are stopped before they cause damage

  • Web application firewall

    Our firewall scans for suspicious requests such as SQL injection attempts and blocks them before they reach your site

  • Daily backups

    Your data is backed up daily so we can restore services in the event of a disaster

  • Performance and reliability

    Possibly New Zealand's fastest locally owned web hosting provider with 99.5% uptime guaranteed and we average better than 99.9%

  • Local data storage & support

    We are a 100% kiwi business, your data remains in New Zealand and support is right here. Why choose a local web host ›

  • Included performance per sub account

    All sites have a performance allocation to ensure the smooth fair running of the platform. Website speeds are throttled to stay within their allocation. This prevents an overloaded website or DDOS attack on one site from degrading the performance of other sites. Each sub account includes the following performance allocation by default and you can upgrade customers as required.

    CPU 1 CPU The number of CPU cores each sub account can use
    Memory 512 MB The amount of data that each sub account can cache in memory (RAM)
    Drive speed 10 MB/s The speed at which each sub account can stream data from the drive. This does not affect data cached in memory (RAM) which is not speed limited. Commonly accessed files will be cached in memory automatically. Busy websites may run faster than rarely visited sites because the site will remain cached in memory for longer.
    Entry processes 30 The number of simultaneous dynamic requests (such as PHP scripts) each sub account can handle including cron jobs. Since a request should take only a fraction of a second your website can handle many more visitors than this. Poorly optimised slower performing websites will handle less requests. Static sites have no entry process restrictions.
    Performance upgrades

    The default performance is suitable for most small to medium sized websites. We recommend leaving sub accounts at the default level unless you run into issues. You can request performance upgrades for specific sub accounts as required. Performance upgrades are charged monthly. You can further improve the performance of your websites by using Cloud Flare, this will usually provide a greater performance improvement than our upgrades and is free of charge.

    Default Fast Faster Fastest
    Price per sub account Included $6 per month $12 per month $18 per month
    Performance Suitable for:
    Small/medium business
    Suitable for:
    Medium business
    Suitable for:
    Medium/large business
    Suitable for:
    Large business
    CPU 1 CPU 2 CPU 3 CPU 4 CPU
    Memory 512 MB 1 GB 1.5 GB 2 GB
    Drive speed 10 MB/s 30 MB/s 50 MB/s 70 MB/s
    Entry processes 30 40 50 60

    To request a performance upgrade on a sub account please open a support ticket, make sure you let us know the username of the account to be upgraded.

  • Overage charges

    Storage and traffic allowances include all data stored on BoltHost's servers and all traffic to and from the servers including all websites, email and databases. Overage charges are calculated monthly and added to your next invoice.

    Additional storage: $2.40 / month / GB
    Additional traffic: $0.70 / month / GB

  • Related services

    Domain names: from $28 / year
    Email marketing: from $10 / month, see
    Web development: from $160 / hour

All pricing is in New Zealand dollars and exclusive of GST (sales tax). GST is charged to New Zealand customers only.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many websites can I host?

    You can typically host the number of sub accounts listed on your plan without going into overage charges. Most websites use only a few hundred MB of space and less than 2 GB of traffic. Space can fill up quickly if you are hosting email as well so we recommend encouraging your clients to use Google Workspace or Office 365.

  • How can I automatically invoice my customers?

    You are responsible for invoicing your customers, we do not provide any tools for this. We recommend using WHMCS Complete Solution to fully automate provisioning of web hosting accounts and invoicing.

  • What happens if I exceed my traffic or drive space allowance?

    Overage charges are calculated monthly and added to your next invoice. Your websites will not be stopped or suspended for overage.

  • What happens if a sub account exceeds it's performance allowance?

    The account's speed will be throttled to stay within the allowance. However when accounts significantly exceed their allowance, such as a DDOS attack, visitors will see a "503 service temporarily unavailable" error. If this happens regularly under normal traffic load then you need to request a performance upgrade for that sub account.

  • What if a sub account needs more performance than your fastest upgrade?

    That's pretty unlikely but should this happen then their needs have outgrown shared web hosting. Consider moving them to a high end VPS or dedicated server.

  • Can I change my plan?

    Of course, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you need.

  • Can I cancel at any time?

    Yes of course :-)
    Cancel within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.

  • Where are your servers located?

    Our servers are located in Auckland, New Zealand. Our data centre is managed by Voyager Internet, another 100% kiwi business

  • Why don't you offer unlimited storage or traffic?

    No company can truly offer you unlimited data since this costs them money or will eventually exceed their resources. Instead they will redefine what they mean by unlimited with some kind of vague fair use policy or put in other restrictions

  • Will my websites run faster?

    Unlike the big companies we don't cram thousands of websites onto each server. We are located in New Zealand so data has less distance to travel. Our servers are high end performance machines with fast SSD drives. Why not give us a try? We offer a 30 day money back guarantee

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