Choosing the right web hosting plan

How to choose the right BoltHost web hosting plan for your organisation

Choosing a BoltHost web hosting plan is easy, all plans include everything you need to run databases, blogs, discussion forums, content management systems, online stores and so much more. All plans are suitable for running business sites. You can upgrade or downgrade from one plan to another at any time, so simply begin with the cheapest Starter Plan and if your site outgrows the plan you can upgrade.

Decide how many websites you need to run

If you have only one website then I recommend starting with our Starter Plan, but if you need to host several sites then you will need the Standard Plan, it can host up to 5 websites. Very high traffic sites or customers with more than 5 websites will need either our Advanced Plan or Ultimate Plan, they both offer huge traffic limits and can host up to 10 or unlimited websites respectively.

We also offer Reseller Plans intended for web designers and developers who would like to offer their clients web hosting. These plans allow you to operate as your own web hosting company with each of your clients having their own control panel login.

Consider how much traffic your site will need

Most websites use less than 2GB of bandwidth per month so if this is a new website and you're not hosting huge image files, video or audio then our Starter Plan should be suitable.

Very high traffic sites will need the Advanced Plan or Ultimate Plan.

Consider how much disk space you will need

Most sites use less than 100MB of disk space and large complex sites are usually under 1GB. All of our plans offer significantly more than this, however the disk space allowance also includes any email that you store on BoltHost's servers so consider how much email you are going to need to keep. Most email accounts use less than 1GB of space, but if you are someone who does not like to delete old emails then you will need more space than this so consider our Standard Plan or higher.